Short Term Money Loans

When a financial emergency develops suddenly, applying for short term money loan can help. However, you must know all aspects of these short term loans before applying at Payday Loans Key.

Short term money loans:

These kinds of loans are especially designed to meet unforeseen financial emergencies. In bad times you can opt for the loan to get quick cash advance for dealing with unwanted expenses on time. Once you gained approval against these loans you can borrow sufficient amount of funds that ranges from C$100-C$1,000. You will be provided short tenure of 2-4 weeks to repay funds. The loan amount may fluctuate among lenders, depending on your needs and budget.


  • You must not be less than 18 years old
  • You must be a citizen of Canada
  • You must be regularly employed with fixed monthly income
  • You must hold valid checking account that accepts direct deposit

Interest charges on short term money loans:

These loans are provided for short time only, due to short term lending. Therefore, lenders will compensate the risk by charging high interest rate. So, make sure to repay funds within agreed time frame as late payment or no payment may turn your loan even more costly with additional interest charges or penalties.

Finding a right deal with Payday Loans Key:

We work as a responsible intermediary that can help in bridging gap between you and the lenders. We understand what you are dealing with and thus we work fast and help you resolve short term cash crunches on time. State your requirements and voila you are done! We will forward your details to competent lenders. Do provide you correct and honest details to get quick response. We are associated with a wide number of trusted and renowned lenders. We will put in our best efforts to help you find right deal on short term money loans from a right lender and at right rates and terms. Register now!

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